HSE Policy

As our first word of core value been SAFETY, it is the policy of Brookhouse Group to provide a safe and healthy environment in which our employees, visitors and clients can carry out their operations.
Brookhouse shall integrate safety into her business in order to prevent all accident and hazardous situation through her structured and effective HSSE system.


Brookhouse will conduct all activities in a reasonable practical manner to achieve the best possible result that conforms with all agreed standard. Brookhouse Health, Safety, and Environmental system will administer her safety measures as to:

Ensure all level of staff performs his/her tasks in accordance with the safety standards as we
believe that all personnel are responsible for HSE preventions.

Any activity or item of work perceived to be out of safety rules would be suspended immediately
until proper safety standards are instilled.

All our site will be equipped with necessary safety gears and standby HSE compliance officer for
proper vetting throughout all phases of work scope.

Brookhouse Group will continually uphold her philosophy of training all levels of stakeholders on theimportance of Health, Safety and Environment measures.